BSB testbank Hoorn BV

Test bed

We already knew we had developed a strong block, but hard figures tell even more. That is why we put some blocks in a tensile testing machine and gave the order to keep on stretching until something broke. The smallest one-pulley block broke at 4,8 metric tons, far beyond our expectations.
The mounting is guaranteed up to 4,4 metric tons. After the test, the pulley did not run smoothly anymore but it was still intact: the spindle and strips were slightly bent and dented. This distortion inevitably led to the pulley breaking.

This is an exceptionally strong block with sidepieces, both below and above, which can easily be re-used. Repairing takes just a spare mounting, spindle and pulley and a simple Allen key.
In practice, using the most common types of rope, a block would never be exposed to such forces that it would fail.

   Installation in the testing machine


Start pulling!                                                                                                                                                                















                       The result