Our Lazyblocks are fitted with a 12 mm stainless steel pin and a cotter pin for suspension, also for the becket.
The use of synthetic material makes the blocks so strong that the stainless steel mounting does not have to be rounded or welded. Wooden blocks usually cannot withstand huge forces, which makes the pulleys drag. A big advantage of using pins is that no shackles are needed, so on a block with becket you save two shackles which not only saves money but looks better too.

Our blocks are made in three different colours to cater for all tastes; so with two types of mounting quite a few variations are possible.


Any accessory articles like bolts, shackles ,rope thimbles ,locks , toggles and hooks can be ordered as well, in stainless
steel if desired.










        Lazy block is a Dutch product. The factory is FKD in Purmerend


Factory owner Koos Bruinsma is a jack-of-all-trades: from the design on the drawing board to the making of the moulds, die-casting and assembling: he does it all.




Impressive injection molding machine.






                                                                                                            60% wood and 40% plastic semifinished