LazyBlock® Ship's Blocks

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Low maintenance wooden blocks impossible? Certainly not!

Every sailor knows that the blocks in use today rapidly rot away.
No matter how well you maintain them (cleaning, sanding, varnishing, lubricating), water and dirt will inevitably find their way inside. Any polishing is largely cosmetic.
New high-tech materials allow blocks to be made that are almost indestructible.
A mixture of 60% wood and 40% synthetics makes a material that cannot rot, discolour or break off.
Being equipped with stainless steel inner mountings (3.16)they are also seawater-resistant.
The pulleys are made of a fiber reinforced composite (nylon and glass fiber).
Together with stainless steel bearings and spindles they can withstand huge forces.
Lazy Blocks can stay in place summer and winter; you can rest assured nothing will happen to them.
The outer mounting gives these state-of-the-art blocks a traditional appearance.

To sum up the advantages:

-, Affordable
-, Traditional appearance
-, Low maintenance
-, Unrigging of mast not necessary
-, Very strong material that does not shrink, stretch, distort, rust or discolour
-, Blocks and mounting available in various colours
-, Can be dismantled
-, Available in rope thickness 12-24 mm
-, Stainless steel 3.16 is seawater resistant
-, Sealed stainless steel self-lubricating bearing.

Our blocks are as standard fitted with a 12 mm stainless steel pin and cotter pin to hang up and attach becket.